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SLICE Digital Recognised as a Finalist for Digital Product of the Year

30 July 2019

IAB NZ has announced the finalists of the IABNZ Awards for 2019. SLICE Digital has been selected as the finalist of the Digital Product of the Year category. Competition is stiff – with more than double the number of entries from last year, and 59 finalists across 23 categories.

The Digital Product of the Year Award recognises publishers that can demonstrate innovation in developing a product built in New Zealand that has delivered advertisers with hugely successful digital advertising campaigns.

Gavin Male, founder and CEO of SLICE says “We are delighted to be recognised as a finalist in the Digital Product of the Year category. Our sincerest gratitude to all our clients and publishing partners who provided such great case studies and testimonials.”

Male continues, “We created SLICE Digital for New Zealand Advertisers and Affiliates because access to affiliate marketing in NZ was typically confined to overseas networks with no local support and limited New Zealand market expertise.”

SLICE Digital has grown to be a leader in affiliate marketing in NZ, with more affiliates and advertisers than any other network. Being recognised as a finalist for Digital Product of the Year reflects the impact that SLICE have had on the New Zealand’s digital marketplace.

Male says: “At SLICE we are passionate about creating a unique platform tailored specifically for New Zealand brands and affiliates to help each other grow their online revenue. We’ve used our collective global experience and technological innovation to build a unique platform for New Zealand. This innovation allows our clients to build unique NZ-based referral networks with publishers who drive advertisers’ incremental sales and deliver outstanding results on a pay for performance basis.”

Congratulations to all the other finalists!  The winners will be announced at the 2019 IAB New Zealand Digital Advertising Awards event on Thursday 29 August at the Auckland Museum.

About SLICE Digital

SLICE Digital is a New Zealand based affiliate marketing network that connects NZ advertisers with NZ affiliates to help grow their online revenue. SLICE Digital is the first NZ based and NZ focussed affiliate network providing a performance based digital marketing channel for advertisers, specialised in the local NZ market and NZ currency.

We’re passionate about creating a world where referral marketing plays a significant role in generating incremental online sales. SLICE works with more NZ brands and advertisers than any other referral network.