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Blockchain and its Implications for the Affiliate Industry

5 June 2018

Blockchain technology is taking shape and aims to revolutionise business. But what are the implications for the digital marketing industry and affiliate marketing in particular?

The main things that blockchain technology (used in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) can promise is making transactions faster, safer and more transparent for all the involved parties. That also means that all network participants (publishers, exchanges and advertisers) will have a chance to work off the same information. Advertisers would be able to effectively trace the lineage of every lead they receive. Likewise, publishers would be able to confirm the delivery (and subsequent activity) for every lead they send. But most importantly, blockchains could offer the new levels of transparency in the affiliate market space.

These changes will not happen instantaneously, and probably not in the near future. However, the affiliate marketing industry leaders should keep a close eye on how this technology is developing.

The changes that blockchain technology is capable of bringing will give publishers and advertisers a lot of new opportunities.